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Is your dog as happy as you?

Have you ever wondered if your dog is truly happy with it's life? You are buying it expensive food and cool toys but is it enough?

Nowadays it is really hard task to find a little free time for ourselves and our loved ones. Going out early in the morning, coming back late, tired and hungry, you don't have energy even for a shower... Who can relate to that?

Despite all the tiredness through the day, when you come back home, there is one happy wet nose greeting you from the doorstep, and sudden smile on your face shows up.

Dogs are able to cure depression, they understand how you feel and love you no matter what. Don't you think that we have to start understand dogs better, and give them what they deserve?

Here are some of my advises how to make your dog happier.

-You have to remember that dogs don't want your money, only your time. Try to play more with your furry friend. Go outside, get his favorite toy, play fetch, have fun. Do your daily walks on places where you can set your dog free of leash. Be a part of his joy, feel the freedom he feels, connect to him.

-More cuddles. Yes, dogs feels completely safe and happy when you cuddle them. Try to do that more often at home.

-Let your dog to sleep in the bed sometimes. I do not understand people who don't want the dog to sleep on the bed, really I don't get it. Get a pet in a cage like a bunny or parrot then!

-Give your dog treats when he deserved it. Teach him whats good and bad.

-Try to be the best you, you can be while you are with your dog. Don't get angry, don't be anxious,don't think about work just relax and have fun.

Dog parents as the regular child parents have their responsibilities. And if you think that having a dog is easier than having a child, you are so wrong. The dog can't tell you if something is not okay, can't cry or mumble. You must guess by its behavior.

"Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen"-Orhan Pamuk.

Lets listen more and pay more attention to the things that have matter in our lives.Because dogs are here with us for a short time, and that is their only fault.

#petbonding #happiness

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