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5 at-home pet grooming tips

We all know how hard is to manage your dog's fur coat, especially if your dog has much of it. The part in the bathroom seems a lot easier than the part when you grab the hair dryer and start running around the house trying to catch the wet monster , isn't it?

A professional pet groomer can cost a lot, and honestly making an appointment can take a lifetime... Also leaving your dog alone for 2-3 hours with a stranger can cause it a trauma, because some pets ( like mine ) has such a strong bond with their owners, so leaving them even with somebody they know can be stressing. Because of that I started to explore my abilities as a dog hair stylist a few years ago. Now proudly I can say that I am dealing with it alone, and I am doing it good.

So for all of you dog moms struggling with all these problems , I will share with you my 5 at-home dog grooming tips.

1. If you want to groom your dog like a pro, you must have the right tools for it. You can order from Ebay or Amazon whole sets of special scissors for hairdressers. While you are still learning how to groom I suggest to use only scissors, shaving your pet with a sharp blade can be very dangerous if you are not confident enough.

2. While bathing your pet, use professional cosmetics. The hair conditioner plays a very important role. So provide yourself a dog conditioner or a 2 in 1 shampoo. Some dogs has a very thick curly coat which makes the brushing after bath mission impossible. Professionals says that you have to brush your dog 2-3 times a week, because it keeps your dog clean.If your hair conditioner is good, it will be easier for you.

3. Trimming dog's nails is a hard task, and some dog parents avoid to do it. Here is a little secret, if you don't want to trim your dog nails, try to do your daily walks only on solid ground such as pavements or streets. That way the nails are rubbing with the surface and the trimming is naturally. Although some dogs has fifth finger which can't touch the ground while the pet is walking. In that occasion you have to do the dirty work, whether you like it or not. Buy a special clippers or a nail grinder. You must remember that the dog is scared of the noise of the tool, so you have to do it fast and confident. Cut just a little piece of the nails, and be very careful.

4. Cutting the fur around the eyes and ears is very dangerous. Use only sharp shears and do it slowly so if the dog move suddenly you will have enough time to react and not hurt it. Always do the haircut after the dog is bathed , dried and brushed. While you are cutting delicate areas, keep one of your hands on the edge of the skin so you know you are cutting only the hair.

5. Last but not least use a stable high table or order a professional grooming one. You must stand upright while working so you won't get cramps in the back , get nervous and blame your dog for it. It is important to have place around the table so if your dog start wiggling around, you will be able to prevent the falling and hurting itself. Never leave the dog unattended while on the table.

I hope this publication was useful for all of you dog parents. And don't forget that you dog trusts you completely in every decision in her life. Do not betray that feeling, and if you feel unsure and uncomfortable doing the grooming get a professional!

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